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Top Videos

A simple, visual guide to help walk you through creating and editing a Top Videos package


A simple, visual guide to help walk you through viewing and editing Auto Preview Videos

Frequently Asked Questions


Please reach your POC in or email [email protected] with all the details – specific section on the site or specific topic.

We have a closed set of categories that can be excluded in advance. They include Split Screens, Talkings Heads, Spoilers, Unrelated Content, Mobile Phone footage. Please make sure to reach your POC in or email [email protected] to exclude them.

We create all the videos that our system finds to be engaging as long as they were created in the last week. We don’t create older videos as they are not seen by users.


Yes, you can! You can update the following by asking your account manager at

  1. Update the Top Videos to be floating
  2. Update your Splash screen
  3. Text font
  4.  Title background gradient
  5. Title for Top Videos

Top Videos is a new Content Recommendation Reel on your site that can feature content according to the following:

  • Based on Performance – the most trending videos.
  • Based on categories, sections, tags, or similarity (sentiment analysis)
  • Based on manual curation

ML/DL – Video AI tech. Once we discovered that a new video was uploaded onto your site, and after the initial interaction with it, will use various algorithms and combine between them to create the APV:

  1. The Objective analysis – Everything that objectively happens within the footage; Video AI: Visuals, Audios and Texts from the video and the page.
  2. The subjective analysis (and our patented technology) – the Crowdsource engagement data and user behaviors.

Those will indicate to the machine that there’s something unique in a specific piece of time – which will then be crossed with the objective analysis (above) in order to pull out the most interesting part from every video. We are using four years of deep understanding in video analysis and millions of hours of premium content to train our deep learning networks to bring the best results possible

We can source our previews based on the content from your site (and your Online Video Player) or your official Youtube Channel upon the number of videos you produce and your users’ navigation strategy.

If the content will be sourced from your site – it will help you keep your users on your O&O.

If we will source your content from your Youtube channel, the Top Videos will navigate your users from your site to your Youtube. will place a JS on site and will discover new content that is being published. This would be the initial indication for the machine to start analyzing the content and create a video preview. The replacement of a static thumbnail with an APV is done fully automatically with the simple basic integration of one line of code into the header of the publisher site.


Yes, you can integrate your own demand as well into the TV component. For that, you will need to send us tags to implement on Aniview, together with the desired targeting, pricing and limitations.

We are using Aniview as an ad-server and ad-player. Once we have an ad available and we wish to play it, the TV component is replaced with the Aniview player, which plays the ad. Once the ad is completed/skipped, the TV component will appear again immediately.

All the demand (advertisers) is integrated via Aniview through tags, prebid or RTB.

At this point, we can send you daily reports via email. Reports can be configured to include various dimensions and metrics according to your needs. A Time zone can also be selected.

All you need to do is implement the ads.txt lines on your website. Once done we can approve the domain with our advertisers and start monetizing (usually takes 2-3 days). If you have any specific requirements, please let us know (see more details below).

Ads are placed over the top videos component.

We are able to customize the monetization and advertising according to your needs:

  • Block specific advertisers or content categories to meet your brand safety requirements.
  • Control when the ad will be displayed within the component (for example every 3 slides, starting from slide 2).
  • Decide when we want the ad to start based on the viewport.
  • Set frequency caps per user. 
  • Target ads to specific Geos, devices, and sizes.

We are monetizing thousands of advertisers via various SSPs we are working with directly. Traffic is sold through PMPs and in the open market, according to demand.