Minute Launches Live Broadcast Analysis Algorithm

written by Tal Shahaf

Published by Globes Online on August 14, 2018

Israeli company Minute, developed a video analysis technology and recently unveiled new capabilities, including an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm which analyzes live broadcasts in real time and generates summaries during the broadcast that substantially increase viewer rates. Analysis of live broadcasts is one of a number of products delivered by Minute. 

Their unique core technology organically connects website owners to end consumers. The company’s products make it possible to increase the number of monthly video viewers, while creating a new video-based revenue model. Minute’s patented AI technology is deployed on dozens of sports, news, and entertainment websites, including some the largest publishers in the US. A whopping 37% rise in profit margin on video content has been reported by Minute.

“We understand what we see in each shoot and frame, use machine learning and deep learning at the video processing level, understand what the content is and what it’s about, and use all of it to generate a lot of interest in the video.” said Golan.