A New Video Service You Already Use Without Even Knowing It

Written by Seth Everett

Published by Forbes on 31 August 2019

MLB, Fox Sports and AccuWeather are all websites that have been utilizing a digital video service called Minute, a pioneer in the field of deep video understanding that provides efficient, practical tools for web-based video publishers.

A first on the market to feature a user-facing technology that increases the number of video views and creates a new video-based revenue stream. The patented AI technology is currently deployed on dozens of sports, news and entertainment websites, including some of the most visited sites in the U.S., and has demonstrated an increase in video profitability of up to 37% based on program size.

“We’re doing all kinds of things with user-psychology. Crowdsourcing millions of inputs from across the web and then combining computer vision and the aggregated data to select and generate actionable insights within video content.” said Golan.